Our Mission

From the beginning, BabyLibrary has always been about the children. We want kids to have unlimited access to the best books, and we want kids to enjoy reading as much as we do! And from these goals, we were formed. BabyLibrary seeks to make reading and learning as enjoyable as possible. Come join us on this journey!


Meet the Passionate Team


Chris the perpetual explorer

Education:  Home
Favorite children's book:   varies each week (day even)

Chris is 2.5 years old (although he often proclaim himself to be three!) and is the beloved son of Connie and Hiram.  That's him in the photo when he was 1.  He loves reading books and is the little librarian at home - he can tell you exactly where to find any book in the house!  

Chris has explored the world through books.  We would take him to the zoo and he would recognize all of his favorite characters rightaway.  He started talking at an early age and speaks english, mandarin and cantonese, and is learning Spanish too!  

Stephanie dreams of a world of infinite books

Education: Princeton University
Favorite children's book: Rainbow Fish

Stephanie grew up in a library. She may have come home to sleep, but her nose was always buried in a book. She once reached the maximum number of books her library would let her check out at once - 50 books! - so she promptly registered for another card under her own name. Perhaps this love of learning was innate, but she found that growing up in a household with lots of books and time spent reading with her parents really encouraged her to ask questions, seek out answers and enjoy studying. She has taken this love of learning with her through high school, where she graduated as valedictorian, and through Princeton, where she graduated with research honors.

It's no wonder that, upon graduation, Stephanie has found a new way to stay connected to the books she loves so much, now through sharing the passion that has been so formative to her own growth. 


Hiram, proud father and mathematics lover

Education: INSEAD
Favorite children's book: The Whale and the Snail

Hiram is a founding member of the Hong Kong chapter of BabyLibrary. He is passionate about investing in social enterprises and has been involved in raising capital for startups in healthcare, tech and education sectors in Asia.   Hiram graduated with a degree in Economics from the London School of Economics, and obtained a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from INSEAD, the top business school in Europe. In 2016, he was invited by the HKUST Headstart Program to be a mentor to HKUST students and provide them with career and further education advise.   Hiram brings with him an international perspective having worked and lived in three continents across UK, France, Singapore, China and the U.S for over a decade.  Hiram is a Chartered Financial Analyst, an Executive Director of J.P. Morgan's Hong Kong Investment Banking business, and most importantly, he is the father of 2-year old Chris.


Connie the caring

Education: Oxford University
Favorite children's book: Green Eggs and Ham

Connie joined Babylibrary as an advisor to our Hong Kong chapter in 2016. Connie is passionate about advancing the affordability of education in Hong Kong. In 2015, she was elected as the Co-President of the Kellogg Alumni Association of Hong Kong where she regularly invite leading professors from the US to talk about topical matters.  Prior to that she served as a committee member of the Kellogg Alumni Association, a committee member of the British Chevening Scholarship Program, a youth mentor of the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, an Executive Committee member for the China Synergy Program of Outstanding Youth.  In 2011, she initiated a mobile library project to make over 10,000 books available to children living in the rural areas of China. Connie graduated from the University of Oxford with a Masters degree in Sociology, followed by a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from the Kellogg School of Management.   She was one of the first recipients of the Morgan Stanley Young Fellow Scholarship, and obtained a full Chevening scholarship from the British Council to study her masters in the UK.   Connie is a finance professional and had worked in leading US investment banks including Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs.