Our commitment to social responsibility

We created BabyLibrary because we are passionate about giving children their best start in life. We have been very lucky and we believe it's our job to pay it forward to those who are less fortunate. That is why your purchases and donations to BabyLibrary also enable philanthropic efforts to give better education to children worldwide.



We donate three books to charity for every subscription.

When you joined BabyLibrary, we sent ten books to children whose family cannot even afford to buy used books. In fact, we do this with every new subscriber that joins the BabyLibrary platform. In this way, by providing a way for your child to read more, you are also enabling children around the world.

Tell a friend about BabyLibrary or gift them a subscription !

As grown ups we endorse the sharing economy.  Start young.

Many households buy hundreds of books for their children, which are thrown away or left to take up space when the children grow up. We think there's a better way. By using BabyLibrary, not only do you reduce the clutter in your household, you are also part of a green initiative to make sure books are read and enjoyed over and over again, not just once.

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Contact us at hello@babylibrary.org for more instructions!

We source books from families like you.

Received an unwanted gift?  a second copy of the same book? or your child has already outgrown that gift?  Consider donating to BabyLibrary, where we will make sure the books you send is read with love.   You will also receive a free month subscription from us (which you can even gift to your friend)