How does BabyLibrary work?


1. Select your BabyLibrary subscription

Subscribe to our BabyLibrary books based on age. As your child learns and grows, so will our books for them!

2. Curated books delivered to you

Get 4-6 carefully curated books delivered to you straight to your doorstep.

3. Unlimited new books replenishment

When done reading, return the books with our printed return shipping label and we'll send you the next batch. Read as many books as your child wants!


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Access to 10,000+ books starting from US$15/month (HK$120/month).

The value of each batch of 4 books exceed US$25 (HK$200).

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Why BabyLibary?


High quality, curated content

Convenient access to unlimited books

Environmentally friendly and clutter free

The perfect gift

We ensure each book is high quality and suited to your child's reading level, through feedback from parents, children and expert reviewers.


Let your child set the pace and receive new books when the old ones are finished. A hassle-free way of accessing as many books as your child wants.

Save trees and keep your rooms uncluttered. The joy of each book will continue to be shared as your child gains reading proficiency.


Spread the love of learning to the little ones in your life.


When you subscribe, we donate!

For every new subscription, we donate up to 6 books to children in need through various charities.
Tell your friends about BabyLibrary and spread the gift of education!

“Choosing to use BabyLibrary was one of the best decisions we've made for Brian. We look forward every month to the books we'll receive!”
- Ada, Ben (1 y.o.) & Tommy (3 y.o.)