How we select our books

We began in early 2016 with a group of parents as a trial. These brave adventurers reviewed each book they read with their children and today, a number of them remain involved with BabyLibrary as reviewers. The books that were rated highly by the parents were kept in our library and the ones that weren't? Well, let's just say that only the best content get sent to BabyLibrary members.

Today, our library has hundreds of unique content in our collection, and we are expanding often. For each book to become an officially approved BabyLibrary book, they must

  1. Have been read by one of our reviewers and approved
  2. Given an age rating
  3. Be approved by at least three parents/children of the appropriate age
  4. Continue to receive an average 4 out of 5 stars in subsequent feedback

Our reviewers have advanced degree backgrounds, care about the education of children, and have gone through a screening and training process so that our scores are normalized. Email us at if you are interested in becoming a reviewer! The age rating for each book is set by BabyLibrary reviewers. These age ratings generally stay constant, but may change if enough parents provide feedback that the reading level difficulty is too high or too low for their child.

When you receive your BabyLibrary boxes, you will notice an optional feedback form that you can send back to us. Filling these out is a good way for your child to practice assessing how they like books and communicating what they like, and is also a chance for us to make sure the books we send to you are a good fit! From the process above and these reviews, we ensure that all books in the BabyLibrary collection are of the highest quality and continue to be adored by our members.

Here at BabyLibrary, we care about your children and their education!




What book did you and your child love?

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