“Fun for everyone!”

Having to find books online has always been a hassle. BabyLibrary really makes getting new books effortless on our part. We look forward to the new books that we request every week!

— Yang, Hunter (2 y.o.) 

“I can’t wait until next summer!”

Justin and Gwen both love the books they get! Justin tries to read Gwen's books, but it is clear that these books are chosen for each kid's age. We've found new favorite books through BabyLibrary!

— Ariel, Justin (1 y.o.), Gwen (4 y.o.)

Curated, convenient and environmentally friendly - BabyLibrary is exactly what parents in Hong Kong didn't realize they needed.
— FastBranding Reviews, 2016

“Everything we wanted and more.”

We love BabyLibrary! Thank you for the great books you've sent!

— Caroline, Kevin (1 y.o.)

“Every month feels like Christmas.”

 It's so nice to be surprised with wrapped book deliveries right to our door. Chelsea runs to the BabyLibrary box every time we see it.

— Ivy, Chelsea (2 y.o.)


“Stellar, professional service.”

BabyLibrary handles delivery and returns of books promptly and professionally. They really make the process simple for everyone.

— Eileen, John (1 y.o.)

“So many types of books!”

My sons love to read, and they always want more, more, more. I can sit back and relax, while BabyLibrary gives them so many different books to read each month.

— Alison, Mark (1 y.o.), Margaret (3 y.o.)