When your little angel takes their first step, it is the most joyous moment in your life as a parent. Seeing your baby grow up is one of the memorable moments of all time. However, soon you realize that your growing baby has growing needs too.

As your baby grows, they need exercise and tummy time, which calls for you to buy a play mat or floor mat. There are several uses for a good and reliable floor mat for babies. Apart from becoming a part of their toys, the playmats also become an excellent and safe way for your baby to grow up when unsupervised.

Why Choose Play Mat or Floor Mat for your Kids?

As a parent, it becomes difficult sometimes to take care of your baby and perform your household chores or even kick back and relax after a long and tiring day. A baby play mat is excellent to watch your little bundle of joy grows up, learning and discovering new things, in a completely safe and secure surrounding.

Apart from offering safety and security, the baby floor mats also provide the much-needed distraction that the baby requires while you finish your chores or work. At the stage when your infant learns to crawl and then walk, the playmat becomes their safe ground. It provides safety and comfort to the child while at the same time, allowing them to crawl all over a vast area.

Here are some of the top advantages and reasons why to choose play mats or floor mats for your kids:

  • Increases sensory stimulation
  • Improves reaching and grasping skills
  • Encourages freedom of movement
  • Enhances hand to eye coordination

The comfort and safety that a baby floor mat provides is mainly dependent on its thickness. The material used in its construction also plays an essential role in making it the ideal choice.

If you have been looking for such a thing, then we are sure our list of the best baby play mats or floor mats of 2020 will be beneficial for you to make the perfect choice.

Best Baby Play Mats or Floor Mats
Best Baby Play Mats or Floor Mats

Best Baby Play Mats or Floor Mats of 2020

After trying and testing many floor mats and play mats for babies, these are our top picks for the best baby play mats or floor mats of 2020:

Balance From Kid’s Puzzle Exercise Play Mat

The Balance From Kid’s Puzzle Exercise Play Mat ranks as the best baby play mat or floor mat of 2020 because it offers ultimate value for money for new parents. It is authentic non-toxic and is genuinely BPA-free to ensure it meets international safety regulations.

It is easy to wash with a bar of mild soap and damp cloth, making it extremely durable and your baby can continue to play on it after a quick clean. The mat is made from high-density foam, which provides maximum security against the risk of injuries from fall. The premium quality foam is thick enough to provide the best support to your baby’s spine when they are lying down. Flip it over to the non-slip side to ensure your baby stays safe while crawling around.


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles pattern
  • Compact design with high-density foam for optimal comfort
  • Lightweight with interlocking features make it extremely portable.


  • Might be expensive for many
  • Initially smells bad when using

Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick ‘n Play Piano Gym

Fisher-Price is one of the most renowned and reliable brands of toys and other stuff designed for babies, infants and kids alike. The Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick ‘n Play Piano Gym is lightweight, compact and offers an incredibly entertaining way to keep your child busy with great interactive activities.

The play mat comes with five full and colourful piano keys set in a pretty toy arch with musical settings that make your child stay entranced for hours on end. For infants, the floor mat offers an excellent way to learn tummy time exercises until they can finally reach the piano keys and play their favourite kiddy tune.


  • Easy to use design
  • Lightweight and quite portable
  • Top-quality product with low maintenance
  • Spacious mat space to accommodate a growing child
  • Offers child to develop 3 significant senses


  • The price is higher than most.
  • The mat may not live up to high expectations.
  • Light features require frequent change of batteries

Tiny Love Meadow Days Super Play Mat

When it’s time for your little angle to grow and need more ground space, then the Tiny Love Meadow Days Super Play Mat is the perfect choice. This fantastic floor mat for babies has loads of exciting features to keep your child engaged with interactive activities.

The mat is uniquely designed to provide growing infants with the development skills that need sharpening at the age.


  • Texture-laden fun activities keep children engaged for a long time.
  • Improves motor development skills
  • Soft, padded mirrors offer excellent facial recognition for infants and babies.
  • Carrot tether included with play mat.


  • Cleaning can be difficult.
  • Large size may not fit every household.
  • Quality may be lower than expectation

Baby Care Play Mat – Haute Collection

Interactive yet straightforward, the Baby Care Play Mat – Haute Collection is excellent for babies and infants. It offers superior safety while ensuring that your child’s skills are developed efficiently at the same time. It comes with soft cushioning and protects infants and babies from harm when they are learning to crawl or walk.

It is extremely portable and works excellently with hardwood floors. A large variety of colours are available to suit your home décor.


  • Large size, single-piece design
  • Waterproof and reversible construction for ease of use
  • Considerably safe and clean for babies and infants alike
  • Advanced cushioning technology for more extended and additional protection from injuries


  • Lesser warranty period
  • Non-toxic but made from PVC material

Baby Einstein 5-in-1 Journey of Discovery Activity Gym

The Baby Einstein 5-in-1 Journey of Discovery Activity Gym is an incredible choice for parents who have highly receptive infants. This fantastic play mat has an array of innovative features to discover as they grow up.

Babies get a choice of 5 different fun activities to keep them engaged in learning. The soft cushioning technology provides excellent safety against bumps and falls when they begin to learn to crawl or walk. The play mat can be easily folded to become a ball pit where the ten colourful balls included in the kit make for an enjoyable activity for your little one.


  • Improves motor skills of infants
  • Extremely portable with storage solution attached to it
  • Good warranty terms and conditions
  • Easy to maintain design


  • Comes at a high price
  • Quality of product may not be up to expectations.

How to Choose the Perfect Baby Play Mat – Buying Guide 2020

Now that you have gone through the various choices from our best baby play mats or floor mats of 2020, let’s check out some essential points to keep in mind when thinking about how to choose the perfect baby play mat with our baby play mat buying guide for 2020:

  • Safety – Safety of your baby is of the utmost importance when selecting a play mat or floor mat, so ensure to buy one which comes with a non-slip and non-skid surface. Also, check to see whether the play mat is made from non-toxic material.
  • Size –Play mats come in varying sizes and you need to select the size that fits your needs perfectly. Baby floor mats that are too large or too small tend to be a problem, so choose according to your floor size.
  • Construction –The material used for development of baby play mats is vital for durability. A long-lasting floor mat made of high-density EVA foam is extremely durable, as well as being non-toxic at the same time.
  • Maintenance –Babies tend to get things dirty faster, so always choose a play mat with a fabric that is easy to clean.
  • Features –Floor mats can become much more if they have additional features, such as learning activities included in them, as this not only gets you money’s worth but ensures overall development of the child as well.

Which Baby Play / Floor Mat Should I Buy?

Now that you know how to choose the best baby play mats of floor mats of 2020 with the help of our buying guide, we feel it is needed to recommend the baby play mat/floor mat you should buy.

As per our reviews, we highly recommend choosing Balance from 

  • Kid’s Puzzle Exercise Play Mat for its incredible ease of use
  • The Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick ‘n Play Piano Gym for its amazing features
  • Tiny Love Meadow Days Super Play Mat for its safety and affordability.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I choose a good quality baby play mat?

First of all congratulations on becoming parents. This is an obvious question as no parent would sacrifice the quality of the product for their baby. So how can you choose a good quality baby play mat? The best material for the baby play mat is rubber or foam as it grips better to the floor and provides better traction. So whenever you choose a mat, check the material used for the carpet.  

Is there any good online store for baby play mats?

There are numerous stores that sell baby products. But Amazon is one of the leading stores in the world. So visit Amazon to buy baby play mats. 

What is the average cost of the baby play mats?

The cost of the baby play or floor mats depends on the quality of the mat. We have reviewed many floor mats for you and we have seen that any baby floor mats between a range of $120-$140 would be a good choice.

Where can I get the best quality of waterproof baby play mat?

It is always advised to buy waterproof baby play mats. The leading online stores like Amazon, Walmart might solve your purpose. If your mat is not waterproof, then to make it waterproof, you can apply some spray which are available in the market.

Is it safe to buy a baby play mat from an online store?

Yes, In 2020, online stores are something you can trust. There are many online stores, so which ones to trust? Well, sites like Amazon, Walmart are trusted online stores. So choose any of these stores and buy products online.

Are cushioned baby care play mats expensive?

The price of the play mat depends on the quality of the mat and the material used for the mat. So before buying online, check the description of the product. It is advisable that you should buy play mats which gives comfort, washable and with multi design options. So such cushioned baby play mats are expensive than the other mats available in the market.

What are the important points to keep in mind while buying a baby play mat for a newborn?

As we have discussed above in detail, safety, size, construction, maintenance and features are some important points that need to be kept in mind while buying Floor mats. 

What is the right time to buy play mat for babies?

It is recommended to introduce play mats to babies during the first stages of growth. This means the time when they start sleeping on their back or tummies and play with toys. This is the best time to shift babies to baby mats, which give them freedom and comfort.