When your tiny tot learns to crawl around, you know it won’t be long before they try to stand up and learn how to walk. Since infants are eventually going to do this on their own, it is always advisable to buy a baby walker when you notice they have started to crawl. Also, as you keep a carpet on the floor to keep it safer for your baby, you need to have a choice for a baby walker that can be used on carpets.

To help you make the best choice, we have outlined the basic facts about baby walkers, including what is baby walker, are baby walkers for carpet different from regular walkers, facts to consider while choosing baby walker as well as the list of the best baby walker for carpet.


What is Baby Walker? Are Baby Walkers for Carpet Different from Regular Walkers?

Baby walkers are designed to make it easy for your baby to maintain balance as they learn to walk, develop their leg muscles and ensure that they get the required exercise while being inside the house. Although you may have seen baby walkers being used outside, the same ones cannot be used on your home carpet.

There is a difference between regular walkers and baby walkers designed for carpets. Any baby walker is mainly designed to suit a particular type of flooring and would not work properly when used on a different type of floor.

Regular walkers are normally heavier, with small-sized wheels so that they can find a good grip on the smooth surface of the tiled floors.

On the other hand, baby walkers for carpet are designed to be significantly lightweight with over-large wheels as they are easier to grip the soft surface of the carpet. On top of that, larger wheels tend to have a slower turn while keeping the baby moving forward faster. This is an additional advantage of baby walkers designed for use on carpeted floors. There is a significant difference in maneuverability between regular baby walkers and baby walkers designed for carpets.


The main difference between baby walkers for carpet and regular walkers is that the former has over-sized wheels and is lightweight so that it finds better friction and less resistance over the soft, carpeted floors. They are designed to reduce the drag factor on soft types of floors and can easily go over soft toys that are strewn over the floors at homes where there are little babies.

Factors to Consider While Choosing Baby Walker

As is seen with any other baby product, there are several different aspects you need to check before buying it. Hence, there are several factors to consider while choosing a baby walker.

  • Safety – Safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to any baby product. Make sure that your choice of baby walker has the required safety harness and seat so that they don’t slip through. Also, make sure that your chosen baby walker has a lower point of gravity so there is no risk of it tipping over when encountering significant resistance from the soft floor or any obstacle.
  • Comfort –The next factor to consider while choosing any baby walker is the level of comfort it will provide the baby. At this stage of life, your baby will be spending quite a lot of time on the walker. So make sure that the seat features maximum comfort and prevents rashes to the baby.
  • Weight –The weight of the baby walker is another important aspect to consider. Heavier walkers may put excessive strain on the baby’s legs. Although baby walkers are already light in weight make sure to choose the one with the least weight so your baby enjoys zipping around in your house without getting tired.
  • Wheels –Yet another important factors to consider while buying baby walkers are the size and number of wheels. Baby walkers for carpets are already equipped with large-sized wheels. Also, make sure to check the number of wheels provided with it as well as that they are multi-directional to make turns easy.

Best Baby Walker for Carpet

Now that you know the fundamental difference between regular baby walkers and the baby walker for carpet, as well as the factors to help choose an ideal baby walker, let’s take a look at our top picks for 2020 for the best baby walker for carpet:

Bright Starts Roaming Safari Walk-A-Bout Walker

The Bright Starts Roaming Safari Walk-A-Bout Walker tops our list of the best baby walkers for carpet. It is designed with a cute jungle theme and has a number of accessories to keep your baby engaged. It comes equipped with a high seat back that can be adjusted in three different ways. This makes the baby walker excellent for use as your baby grows up. It is excellent for children between 15 and 26 lbs. In addition, it comes with an inexpensive price tag that fits your budget just fine.

Some of the best features of the Bright Starts Roaming Safari Walk-A-Bout Walker include an easy-to-remove electric tray that has lights, sounds and songs, comfortable seat pad and sound control units.


  • Seat cushion made of stain-resistant fabric is easy to clean
  • Foldable design makes easy to transport
  • Extra toys can be attached
  • Removable toy station
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Innovative steering seat
  • Security break to prevent falls
  • Large-sized wheels excellent for use on carpets
  • Sturdy design for additional durability
  • Comes in varying colors


  • Wheels could be slightly bigger
  • Sound and light system requires batteries to be changed every month

Joovy Spoon Walker

The Joovy Spoon Walker is yet another excellent choice for a baby walker for use on carpet. This U-shaped baby walker is extremely useful for your child to learn to take their first tiny steps. A removable and machine washable feeding tray comes attached to it. The soft seat pads are also easy to remove so you can make the space smaller or larger according to the baby’s size. It has a compact design for easy portability. It comes in an impressive shiny, white color.

In terms of safety, the Joovy Spoon Walker is excellent with its significantly larger base and comes equipped with large-sized wheels. This incredible baby walker for carpet comes at a slightly expensive range than others but is amazing when it comes to the safety and comfort of the child.


  • Walker designed for use on carpet, as well as tiles and hardwood floors.
  • Height can be adjusted 3-ways for maximum comfort
  • The extra-large feeding tray is also perfect to keep many toys
  • The extra-wide base ensures safety and stability to baby when learning to walk
  • Machine washable seat pads for easy maintenance
  • Strong and sturdy material
  • Dual combination walker and feeding chair
  • Folds easy and is extremely portable to carry outdoors


  • Walker size may seem over-large to some
  • Changing seat positions may be difficult initially
  • In the beginning, the new wheels are hard

Chicco Walky Talky Baby Walker

The Chicco Walky Talky Baby Walker is an excellent choice to help your little angel learn to walk while keeping them fully engaged and entertained. It comes with a multi-lingual sound system that teaches your kids the basics of English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. In addition, the baby walker is equipped with an excellent music feature and has numerous toy attachments. The toys can be easily removed whenever needed. It comes with a brake pad to keep the baby in place.

Adjustable seat height up to 33 inches for as your baby grows up. Removable seat cushion is extra soft and machine washable for easy maintenance.


  • Strong material makes it incredibly durable and safe as well
  • Easy to assemble and moves easily in every direction
  • Attached brake pad prevents accidents
  • Can be used with equal ease on carpets and hardwood floors
  • Beautiful design with a variety of toy features


  • Sound level may seem too low
  • The price tag might seem steep
  • Pushing toys may seem difficult at first

Emily Baby Trend Push Walker

The Emily Baby Trend Push Walker is an excellent baby walker for carpets for those who are looking for versatility at a lower price. It is lightweight and easy to install. Cleaning is not a chore as it comes with a simple design. It has large-sized wheels for ease of walking and safety of the baby.

A large feeding tray comes attached, which also doubles up to keep toys. It comes equipped with removable toy bars. The baby walker can be adjusted 3-ways to vary its height. It is also lightweight and easily foldable, hence extremely portable.


  • Three types of toy attachments
  • Comes in a choice of white or pink
  • Extremely high-quality product at a cheap price


  • Not suitable for children above the height of 32 inches
  • Seat pads are not machine washable

Disney Baby Music and Lights Walker

The Baby Music and Lights Walker from Disney also feature on our list of the best baby walkers for carpet. It comes in a cute pink color and has an excellent design. A Mini Mouse globe attached to the toy tray in front is equipped to play music. The toy tray also doubles up as a feeding tray. It is easy to clean using a wet cloth. The seat pads are also machine washable for ease of maintenance.

The walker is also easy to fold and hence extremely portable to carry in hand or in the car. It is comparatively taller than other baby walkers for carpets.


  • Strong, large wheels make it excellent for use on carpets as well as hardwood floors
  • The sound system comes with 12 in-built songs
  • Dual removable activity trays that swing-out
  • Colorful lights and daisy beads to keep baby engaged while feeding
  • Made for use by children up to 30 lbs


  • Assembling takes time

Let’s hope you find the best-suited baby walker for carpets from our selected and reviewed products. Make sure to focus on the safety and comfort of the child before deciding to buy your choice of a baby walker for your tiny tot.