When taking your little angel out for a stroll or a day trip there are several baby items you need to take with you. The items get doubled if you are blessed with twins. You need to have two baby car seats, along with twice the number of smaller essential items whenever stepping out of the house.

At such times, a diaper bag becomes an enormously convenient and must-have item to have with you.

What is a Diaper Bag?

A Diaper Bag is the ultimate carry-all to take care of your babies, when they are hungry, need a change of diaper and simply cranky.

A diaper bag is extremely functional and versatile in features. It is durable to sustain your twins’ rugged use of the bag as well as look stylish enough to carry around anywhere you go. If you are still wondering why you need a diaper bag then simply go through the section below and find out.

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Why do you Need a Diaper Bag?

The diaper bag is simply a term that defines a multi-purpose carry-all that stores much more than just diapers for your twins.

Here are some salient points that show why you need a diaper bag.

  • Spacious – Having twins means carrying two of every item which increases the overall weight. An ideal diaper bag is extremely spacious and can carry loads of baby items for going out.
  • Durable –Keeping in mind the amount of stuff you’ll need to carry for your twins, an ideal diaper bag can easily carry all essential items, including diapers, changing items, clothes, etc. The bags are made from sturdy material and are durable enough with numerous handles and zippers to make them more convenient to carry.
  • Lightweight –Despite being strong and durable the diaper bags are made to be lightweight so that you don’t get fatigued from carrying them around for long periods of time.
  • Multiple Pockets –The diaper bags are designed with numerous small and large pockets that let you store all of your twins’ stuff easily. These are designed in a way that you can always find what you are looking for without needing to sort through the various things inside.
  • Wet Pouches –Babies are always likely to mess their clothes, whether it be a leaky diaper, dribble or even vomit. Hence, a diaper bag contains a special wet pouch that stores soiled clothes separately while keeping the fresh clothes safe and dry.
  • Stroller Attachment –An ideal diaper bag also comes with a stroller attachment so that you don’t have to carry two separate bags while pushing the twin strollers around.

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Best Diaper Bags for Twins
Best Diaper Bags for Twins

Best Diaper Bags for Twins in 2020

Now that you know the immense convenience that these bags provide for parents of twins, here is our list of the best diaper bags for twins in 2020. Our experts at babylibrary.org have reviewed the best quality diaper bags in the market.

Lifecolor Diaper Bag

Having twins certainly means double happiness and inadvertently means doubling the expense of baby clothes and other stuff. The Lifecolor Diaper Bag offers relief in the cost department when it comes to the best diaper bags for twins in 2020. It is an extremely convenient diaper bag with a separate inner waterproof bag to keep soiled clothes away from fresh ones. An insulated front pocket for bottles is also handy at all times.

It is durable and can withstand the rigors of everyday use and can easily carry heavyweights for a long time. A reinforced top zipper always keeps the upper opening firm. The bag is itself made from a lightweight but strong material that provides additional support when being carried.


  • Lightweight bag
  • Effectively waterproof
  • Wide opening for ease of use
  • Low maintenance with easy to clean material
  • Bottle pocket keeps baby bottle warm for up to 4 hours
  • Several colors to choose from


  • Contains a lesser number of pockets as compared to others
  • Insulated bottle pocket fits bottles less than 8 oz only

Lekebaby Large Diaper Bag

The Lekebaby Large Diaper Bag comes with an attractive, contemporary design. It has multiple straps that allow shoulder-carry, messenger style carrying and can be easily attached to strollers as well.

There are 17 different storage compartments with 9 outside the bag itself. The large numbers of open pockets allow quick access for numerous baby items. A special pocket can be easily converted into a baby wipe holder. The inner compartments are extremely spacious and can carry loads of baby items at a time. This diaper bag also comes with a nice travel-sized changing mat which is extremely convenient when you are outside.


  • Unisex design
  • Waterproof material
  • Includes convenient travel-sized changing mat
  • Equipped with stroller attachment
  • Multiple straps for carrying comfortably
  • Convenient insulated baby bottle pocket


  • The soft frame may make the bag top droop unless completely filled
  • Open pockets in the exterior are not water-resistant

Ju-Ju-Be Be Prepared Diaper Bag

The Be Prepared Diaper Bag from Ju-Ju-Be promises to be the hyper-clean diaper bag for moms who are worried about the germs and dirt when taking their twins for a stroll outside. The diaper bag is made from a special anti-bacterial fabric which is machine washable and is thus low maintenance. The fabric has been made water-proof with a special Teflon-coating to keep fresh items completely dry in case of sudden spills.

The interior of this diaper bag is lined with Agion, a special anti-microbial agent that prevents the growth of bacteria and avoids pungent smells and mold effectively. This diaper bag is extremely spacious and can easily carry the essential items for twins when stepping outside the house.


  • 17 pockets for convenient storage
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Available in various swanky designs


  • Feminine design

Hyblom Diaper Bag Backpack

The Hyblom Diaper Bag is an extremely efficient option for parents who prefer to keep their hands free with a backpack style diaper bag. It comes with adjustable straps for a comfortable fit and padded for carrying comfortably for a long time. The bag also comes equipped with stroller attachment when you need to strap it on to the baby stroller.

This diaper bag is fitted with sturdy zippers and strong stitching for extra durability. The exterior pockets and interior compartments are extremely spacious to store numerous baby items for your twins within easy reach, including an insulated baby bottle pocket and a separate wet pocket.


  • The unisex design suited for carrying by both parents
  • Includes convenient diaper changing pad inside
  • Laptop and cell phone pockets included
  • Baby wipes pouch comes with a zipper


  • Size may be too large for some mothers

Timi & Leslie Charlie Diaper Bag

The Timi & Leslie Charlie Diaper Bag is an excellent choice for mothers who are fashion conscious. This designer diaper bag is one-of-a-kind in the list of the best baby diaper bags for twins. It is made from PVC-free vegan faux leather and has intricate details, such as monogrammed stroller straps and a contemporary zippered purse to store cards and cell phones for the mother.

This diaper bag is water-resistant and lined with a light-colored fabric inside, which makes it easy to locate the baby items stored inside. Although it is priced significantly higher than other twin diaper bags on the list the lifetime warranty makes it worth it.


  • Easy to clean interior and exterior
  • Separate zippered pouch for clothes
  • Choice of A-list celebs
  • Available in two smart colors


  • Size is smaller as compared to other diaper bags
  • Significantly heavier than rest of diaper bags on the list

How to Choose Diaper Bag for Twins – Buying Guide 2020

Now that you know our top selection of the best diaper bags for twin, make sure to check out our buying guide for baby diaper bags in 2020 so you can choose wisely.


A baby diaper bag should first and foremost offer incredible functionality. It should store everything your twins may need for a simple stroll, to night-outs and day trips. An ideal diaper bag should not only carry the essential baby items but should also allow you to store your wallet, phone and keys. Hence, a diaper bag for mommy’s things is highly recommended.

Storage Space

Always make sure that the diaper bag has the potential to store a large number and variety of stuff. It should be easy to carry baby bottles, spare diapers, snacks and small toys for your twins while also carry the essential items you need when stepping out of the house any time.

The storage space needs to be divided into separate compartments for ease of access as well as convenience. We all know how stressful it is to rummage around in a cluttered bag looking for a specific item when you twins are in a cranky mood.


Without compromising on storage space, make sure that the size and weight of the diaper bag are convenient to carry. A large diaper bag filled with the essential baby items gets significantly heavy and can become a burden to carry for a long time. Hence, choose a diaper bag that is made from lightweight yet durable material and which offers various carrying straps for extra comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few FAQs that our team felt the necessity to answer. These are very common questions among new parents. So let’s help them with answering these questions. You can cast your opinion in the comment section below.

What are the best qualities of diaper bags?

While choosing a diaper bag, the quality check is a must. While choosing a diaper bag, watch out for the following factors –

  • Durable, Washable
  • Zipped compartments
  • The bag should be big enough to fit 6-8 diapers, wipes, burp cloths, spare clothes, butt cream, a couple of toys, snacks.
  • A good shoulder strap
  • A short strap to clip the bag to shopping carts and strollers for hands-free.
  • Dad-friendly. Don’t forget dad should be comfortable while carrying the bag. So look for some dad-friendly style and color.

Are expensive diaper bags and backpacks worth the money?

Well, we have a difference of opinions on this question. Many say that don’t spend extra dollars for no reason as the cheap bags also serve like the expensive ones. While we have many parents who claim that expensive diaper bags and their couple of additional features are better than cheap diaper bags. So we would recommend you to decide according to your needs. If you feel that the color and style are important then go for an expensive bag or a cheap bag is also good.

Note: Quality check is important. Do not compromise with the quality of the diaper bag.

What is the best backpack diaper bag?

The above-listed backpacks are the best diaper bags for you. If you ask which to choose among those bags, then we would recommend going with The Be Prepared Diaper Bag from Ju-Ju-Be.